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Custom Brokerage


A qualified team with vast experience backed by professionalism delivers customs brokerage services to our clients. The services include:

  • Pre – shipment advise on documentation and regulatory requirements before importation of goods.
  •  Continual update on cargo status from point of shipment until arrival of cargo at destination.
  •  Prompt and accurate documentation to facilitate quick clearance of consignments.
  •  Payment of customs taxes and other third party charges on behalf of our clients.
  •  Efficient port operation staff to clear consignment without delay.
  • we also offer advice and information on various relevant legislation, tariff schedules and customs documentation requirements to all our clients at no cost
Custom Brokerage

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At Sylka Kenya Limited, we work on the premise whose meaningful business is always customer focused. We believe that meeting and exceeding customer expectations is vital to business continuity and growth for all. We will therefore continue to listen to our clients thereby capturing their needs, requirements and expectations. [+]

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